Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blog #3 Research Topic

Question: Is animal testing an effective way to test products before human medical use?
                  At which point is testing on animals unnecessary?

I chose this topic because I love animals and i feel strongly that inhumane testing on animals it wrong.  In this research paper I am looking for scientific evidence that supports my view.  There is both data that supports animal testing and data that opposes it.  I think in certain cases the links between animals side-effects and human side-effects will be similar and in others will be weak.  I would also like to observe data that shows if certain types of animal testing for humans is acceptable.  For example, for human health versus human beauty.  I think it may be difficult to answer this question fully due to the possible exceptions and personal beliefs. I think when i start researching information about animal testing, a clear question will reveal itself.  

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