Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ronson Chapter 8 and 9

In chapter 8, Ronson described Rachel North's traumatic experience with a terrorist bombing on a train.  After the bombing Rachel was depressed and found that writing blogs about how she felt and surviving her the experience.  Many other survivors commented on her blogs and they all decided to meet as a support group for one another.  There was a group of non-believers, led by David Shayler, who would twist Rachel's blogs and say that the bombing was just a power surge.  They became very nasty with her and would say that she didn't really exist and that she was just a group of people.  David Shayler and his group of followers also had their own conspiracies about other events besides 7/7, such as 9/11 being hologram airplanes.  Shayler even thought that he was the next Messiah.  Ronson then meets with Shayler who he finds to be a psychopath due to some evidence such as, having no empathy toward Rachel, having these extremely out there conspiracy beliefs, and occasionally dressing up in women's clothing.

Chapters 8 and 9 both had to do with tragic events that occur in our society.  Chapter 8 with the terrorist bombing and psychopaths thinking up crazy conspiracies.  Chapter 9 with horrible murders committed by psychopaths.  I thought it was interesting reading about David Shayler's crazy conspiracy beliefs because it puzzled me how someone could draw those conclusions even though there was enough evidence supporting the terrorist attacks.  I really enjoyed the visible representation of Shayler's conspiracies and how the media thought about them.  It showed that, over time, Shayler's  beliefs were getting more and more rediculous.

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